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Well, they say that every Cloud has a silver lining. The Silver Lining is that I want to finish your Divorce/Family Law file probably quicker than you do.

While the courts have built in time lines, the greatest delay in our current legal system is lawyers or clients who don’t move the matter forward as quickly as possible. Kids should have birthdays. Your divorce file shouldn’t.

All it takes is a passion to finish the matter and the perseverance to push it forward until it is either resolved or finalized at trial. In your initial free consultation, I will always talk to you about timelines, options, and give you at least some idea of what cost you are going to incur along the way. Contact us today to set up your free consultation.

Peter James Doucet, BA LLb

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While there is no substitute for a free, in-person consultation, which I always offer at absolutely no charge, I have also written a number of helpful articles on various legal topics which may help answer some of your questions or jump start the thought process so that we can have a more detailed conversation when we meet or speak.

Now, these articles are NOT legal advice and are not specific to your individual situation. As such, you should not reply upon them for legal advice under any circumstances.

Like any important decision which you make in life, it is essential to fully and properly inform yourself. It would be my pleasure to speak you in person or by phone in order to listing thoroughly to your issues and give you straight answers to your questions – all at no cost in your first complimentary consultation.

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